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Non-Filer Gets Current and Makes IRS Deal to Settle for Only $5,000. "I hadn't filed my tax returns for a bunch of years, so I had you guys file all of them. The letters I got from the IRS said that I owed $27,349.75. The next thing I knew you filed an Offer In Compromise for me with the IRS and they settled for only $5,000, which my daughter paid for me. Thanks a lot!"
Cindy W. Kansas City, MO .


Contractor Saves $57,119 In IRS Penalties.
Contractor Davis H. had an American Society of IRS Problem Solver member abate over $57,119 in Payroll Tax Penalties. In Davis's own words "Getting rid of that huge IRS penalty allowed me to stay in business."
Davis H. Commerce City, CO

Tree Trimming Company Slapped with $104,559 in Payroll Taxes!
The IRS performed what they called an "informal review " of payroll records and decided to charge payroll taxes on reimbursements made to employees for use of their personal trucks and chain saws. An American Society of IRS Problem Solvers member filed an Appeal to stop this unjust taxation. In the Appeal negotiations the IRS settled for $23,509, saving the owner over 80,000.00 dollars! Owner Tom M. stated, "That's good enough! Let's settle and get on with life.
Tom M. Syracuse, NY

Home Builder Shocked as IRS Levies His Bank Account for $273,435.
Steve P., a home builder, was shocked to hear that according to the IRS said he owed $273,435. Steve had no idea the IRS had done an audit on old tax returns and that they now wanted payment in full. The IRS levied his personal and then his business bank account. This proved to be a huge disaster because Steve had customer deposits in his business account that the IRS seized. Our American Society of IRS Problem Solver member was able to have the IRS immediately release the bank levies, return the monies taken, and have the IRS reconsider their audit. Steve said "It was an absolute shock to have the bank call me and tell me that the IRS wanted over a quarter of million dollars from me. I thank god that I found you and that you got the IRS to agree that they were wrong. Thanks again."
Steve P. Golden, CO.

I Was Struck With My Ex-Spouse's Tax Bill.
"Right after I remarried, the IRS levied my new joint bank account and took over $12,000 of my new spouse's money. If it wasn't for a great referral from the American Society of IRS Problem Solvers my new marriage would have been over before it had started. You not only got back my new wife's $12,000 but you also convinced the IRS that I wasn't even liable for the taxes."
Rhonda H. Santa Monica, CA

IRS Audits 12 Years of Tax Returns and Tells Taxpayer He Owes $172,311.
A Member of the American Society of IRS Problem Solvers re-opened the Audit and negotiated a $47,775 Refund instead of the big audit bill. John P. was involved in the automotive paint industry. He regularly traveled overseas for business. His travel schedule often conflicted with his IRS auditor's schedule. This conflict led to an overzealous audit for the years 1980 through 1991, even though most of these years were not available for audit. It seemed that John P. had angered his IRS auditor and that she was going to get even! She denied all kinds of deductions, net operating losses, and even John's son as a dependent. By the time John met with one of our members the audit was over and the time limit to file for an appeal had passed. Our member was able to get the IRS to re-open the entire audit, assign the audit to a more reasonable auditor and negotiate for the next ten months to get John a refund of $47,775. John said "I couldn't believe that this was possible until I actually was cashing those refund checks!
John P. Dallas, TX

Taxpayer Without Any Records Files Returns and IRS Accepts Them as Valid!
Tom B. owned a bar and had a rather unusual way of keeping track of sales... Tom just put the money he made each day into a coffee can. He had no sales records or purchase receipts - Just a great business! When he needed to pay bills, he would take money out of the can and pay it to whomever he owed. Needless to say, the IRS was not going to approve of this method of record keeping. Tom hired a member of the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF IRS PROBLEM SOLVERS to help him file his tax returns after he was contacted by the IRS for unfiled tax returns. Our member was able to compute estimates of sales and expenses, prepare valid tax returns and convince the IRS auditor to accept them as correct. Tom said, "I can't believe that your member could actually convince the IRS to accept estimates of my expenses without any documentation." Tom still has a great business thanks to the American Society of IRS Problem Solvers.
Tom B. Daytona, FL .

Former Contractor Saves $173,444 In Payroll Taxes From Old Corporation!
Allen S. owed the IRS over $196,644 in Civil Penalties from an old payroll tax liability. An American Society of IRS Problems Solvers member was able to settle with the IRS for $20,000 which allowed Allen to get on with his life. " I can't tell you how good it feels to have this IRS nightmare over. Now I can save for retirement without worrying about the IRS taking it away from me."
Allen S. Ann Arbor, MI

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