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The American Society of IRS Problem Solvers is a select group of tax professionals located in communities across the United States. All of our members are licensed CPA's, Attorneys, or Enrolled Agents. We have members located in every state for your convenience.

Our members have helped thousands of taxpayers end individual and business IRS Problems. We believe in order for taxpayers to end IRS Problems with the best possible outcome, they must have a tax professional representing them. Our members negotiate with the IRS on a daily basis, which gives them the latest, up to the minute information, on the various IRS programs available to affordably end IRS problems.

You can meet with one of our local members for a FREE Confidential Consultation to discuss your options for solving your IRS Problems. We feel it's critical you meet face to face with our professional members to help represent you in front of the IRS. Remember, most taxpayers who become clients of our members never have to talk or visit with the IRS. This allows you to focus on your family and business and not have to worry about disturbing phone calls or visits from the IRS.

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